KSS Groups business is driven by the concept "ECO-FRIENDLY".

KSS core business is to convert non edible vegetable oil wastes into Industrial Usage (mostly Environmental friendly). We do collect various types of recovered, recycled or waste vegetable oils and then ship them to proper users for adequate applications. In the process carrying a simple vision "minimize oil waste in our planet"

The collection source of our oil are mostly restaurant, food processing factory, palm oil mills, palm oil refinery, oleo-chemicals factory, etc. Our waste oil includes Used Cooking Oil (UCO), Palm Acid Oil (PAO), Palm Residue Oil, Recovered Fatty Acid, Tank Bottom Oil, etc.

The application of these non edible oil are in Industries like - Bio-Diesel/Fuel industry; Animal Feed Industry; Soap Industry; Industrial and Motor Lubricant Manufacturing; Industrial Grease, Wax and Chemical Industry; and the list goes on and on

Next time you see a drop of vegetable oil going waste, "THINK OF OUR MOTHER EARTH & THINK KSS"