pic KSS GROUP took the small humble step in the year 2008, and the company KSS Lipids was born.

KSS Lipids is a Malaysian company, based in Johor Baharu. Our Strength lies in sourcing various types of vegetable oils and fats residue. Our strength and competency is on the collection of used / waste / residue of vegetable oil from the strategic business partners who are already long established in the industry of food processing, oil refinery and Oleo-chemicals industry.

Rather than considering ourselves a traditional trading company, we prefer to call ourselves "Supply chain managers of waste vegetable oils". We provide a superior customer service built on operational excellence, to bridge the best supplies to the market at competitive cost without compromising on quality and service.

Other than the oils and fats residue, we are also active in the trading of edible vegetable oils, specialty fats, soap product, fatty acid, fatty alcohol, methyl ester, bio-diesel etc. We prefer to trade in only 100% vegetable oil based products.

We deliver to our customer the best in supply chain & operational excellence without compromising on quality. With this mission statement, we strike to be your quality and cost reliable business partner in providing a complete range of vegetable oil & fats products to serve all your needs.